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Create and capture your next recording with experienced professionals and the latest recording technologies at AFM Hawaii Music. We use Pro Tools and the best Engineers. Contact us to set up a time for your Mixing session today! The world of music is at your fingertips. All our prices include top-notch Studio Engineers.

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AFM worldwide LLC dba
AFM Hawaii Music

AFM worldwide LLC, formerly Imua Records, now dba AFM Hawaii Music, was founded in 2015 with the vision to give artists of all ages and walks of life a chance to be put up on iTunes and distributed worldwide in the entertainment industry on digital platforms. We made recording at a professional level affordable, and without the politics of the music industry so that our clients can just focus on what they do best ... music. 
It's not about giving people an illusion of being a 'Star', it's about teaching young people that they can accomplish a goal, and giving them the experience to understand that they can accomplish a project and do what they love in a sensible and non-obligatory environment. We are service providers. Our prices include top-notch engineers who are musicians themselves and understand the desires and needs of our clients. A top quality product can last a lifetime, and a keepsake online for generations to come.

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June 2021

Junior Kekuewa Jr. | From Hawaii with Aloha

AFM Hawaii Music announces the release of Hawaii's Entertainer Junior Kekuewa Jr.'s CD 'From Hawaii with Aloha' on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and all digital platforms. This release features some of Hawaii's favorite 'Hapa Haole' tunes as well as some of Junior's originals.


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Projects available Worldwide!

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Projects available Worldwide!

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Projects available Worldwide!

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